Know about the Madhubani Hand-Painted Art

Madhubani painting is a famous art that originated in the Mithila region of Bihar (India). Madhubani hand-painted art is considered to be as old as the era in which Ramayana was set. It is said that inhabitants of the Mithila region painted their homes and streets with Madhubani art. Madhubani paintings were done to celebrate the wedding of Lord Ram and Sita.

Madhubani Painting on Silk Dupatta
Madhubani Hand painting on silk dupatta

This art form was majorly done and redone on walls (mural paintings) and floor. In order to mark special occasions and festivities, Madhubani paintings were done using natural colors and twigs of the tree. These days it is done using acrylic paints and brush. We can see Madhubani painting being created on canvas, fabric, wooden base, handbags, etc which has a global appeal.

Madhubani painting has become one of the sources of income in the Mithila region. Madhubani painting has received Geographical Indication (GI).

Hand painted Madhubani Dupatta with all over design

Madhubani Painting is the free hand drawing. Various religious, mythological depictions can be seen in these paintings. Also these are inspired by the nature, as these paintings also have flora and fauna drawn in it.

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