Indian Hand Embroidery

The craftmanship and beauty of Indian embroidery is breathtaking. India being a vast land not just have cultural and regional difference but same is also seen in the art and skills. Similar is the beauty of embroideries prevailing in each of these regions.

These embroideries are so intricate and mesmerizing that one gets soaked up in its charming beauty. No doubt such work takes lot of patience and perseverance to be made.

Each region of India nourishes various forms of these intricate embroideries. All have some history associated with it, be it Chikankari of Lucknow, or gotta patti work of Rajasthan. The list of these embroideries is unending and are known locally with different names. We have tried to list here the best known embroideries of India.

  1. Chikankari Hand Embroidery
  2. Gotta Patti Hand Embroidery
  3. Kantha Stitch Hand Embroidery
  4. Soof Hand Embroidery
  5. Aari/ Zalakdozi Hand Embroidery
  6. Needle Work – Hand Embroidery
  7. Paper Machie Hand Embroidery
  8. Tilla Work – Hand Embroidery
  9. Zardosi Hand Embroidery
  10. Kashmiri Kalamkari Hand Embroidery
  11. Phulkari Hand Embroidery
  12. Pakko Hand Embroidery
  13. Parsi Gara Hand Embroidery
  14. Mural Hand Embroidery
  15. Mirror work Hand Embroidery
  16. Lambani Hand Embroidery
  17. Sindhi Stitch/ Kutchi Bharat Hand Embroidery
  18. Kashmiri Kashidakari Hand Embroidery
  19. Kamdani Hand Embroidery
  20. Chamba Rumal Hand Embroidery
  21. Banni or Heer Bharat (Gujarat) Hand Embroidery
  22. Karchobi Hand Embroidery (Rajasthan)
  23. Kasuti or Kasuthi hand embroidery(Karnataka)
  24. Kathi (Gujarat) hand embroidery
  25. Kutch or Aribharat hand embroidery
  26. Mukesh Work hand embroidery
  27. Phool patti Ka Kaam (Uttar Pradesh)
  28. Pipli applique work embroidery(Odisha)
  29. Rabari hand embroidery(Rajasthan and Gujarat)
  30. Shamilami hand embroidery(Manipur)
  31. Toda or Pukhoor hand embroidery
  32. Salma Hand Embroidery