Pichhwai paintings

The story of Indian painting is extremely deep and long. The name Indian paintings are known not just in India but all over the world. Indian paintings are well-known all over the world. Based on caves and other literary remnants, it is apparent that “painting” as art in India has been a popular practice from the very beginning. Indian painting was influenced by religious beliefs. Pichwai paintings inspired by the spirituality of the Indians is extremely popular within India. The Indian art world. The painting is well-known because of its bright, natural colors and stunning beauty.

They are famous for. The Lord Krishna is made into a hero of this work. The painting is extremely popular in Rajasthan.


Pichhwai paintings, mainly painted by artists, depict the lifestyle that is Lord Shri Krishna on clothes. The word Pichhwai is a reference to the back. it is hung. Pichhwai images are huge in dimension. The painting is created on clothing. This painting is part of the side of Pushtimargiya rare sect, which is a small town of religion “Nathdwara” located in the Rajsamand district, approximately 50 kilometers away from Udaipur located in Rajasthan. Pichhwai painting is an essential component of the Nathdwara style of painting.

In the area that is close to this Shrinathji Temple along with Shrinathji of Nathdwara enormous Pichhwai paintings are made to set an idol for Shrinathji on the wall behind. Alongside giving Lord Shrinath his shelter and splendor the picture also depicts the characters from the life of Shrinath Ji. These paintings in addition to the actual persona of Shrinath Ji, the objects that are related to him are included in the paintings. For instance, Peacock feathers may be seen in each painting as well as the depiction of lotus flowers depicted in these paintings.



The temples of Nathdwara, Shrinath ji’s temples are decorated with various Pichhwai artifacts each day. Each day, Pichhwai is decorated with art work created by Shrinath Ji in accordance with his relationships in life. The entire work is dedicated Shrinathji. This is why all of his designs are connected to the 10 manifestations of Vishnu and his pastimes. Nikunjaleela, Govardhandhari, Holi, Makhanchori, Krishnajanma, and so on.

Pichhwai painting changes and is created according to the seasons and also in accordance with the celebrations. The love and passions of Shri Krishna along with Radha are also depicted into paintings of Pichhwai paintings. Nikunjaleela is also featured in these works. Sometimes, the shape of the Yamuna river, peacock feathers and lotus flowers, and so on. can also be seen within these artworks. The paintings also show a stunning pictures is also depicted. Shri Krishna enjoying a game with the cattle and cowherd boys is also depicted.


Pichhwai painters are devotees of Shrinathji. He has been a devotee of Shri Nathji since birth.

This painting is a series of phases. It takes patience and skill. It begins by making an initial canvas. It takes a few hours or months to finish the back painting. The natural colors make Pichhwai paintings stunning. The shimmer of the painting is because of the use of genuine gold ink, gold leaf, as well as gold-colored ink. The border painting is executed by a skilled artist. It is where the flowers and leaf designs are created. Much focus is given to the small details of painting Pichhwai.


The artists are bringing Pichhwai painting not just to India but also to the world stage. Pichwai paintings are seen in other nations too this is extremely admirable. At present, lots of people are making this painting an effective business tool. A lot of people also sell Pichhwai paintings through digital copying format. Because of this, Pichhwai’s morale who create Pichhwai painting appears to be heading in the wrong direction.

Presently, Pichhwai has become a distinct form that has been embraced with optimism. This painting has received lots of boosts by creating Pichhwai contemporary and providing new contexts. The paintings of cows, lotus Yamuna river. are also depicted in contemporary fashion with reference to a single metaphor or context, which is admirable. In Nathdwara which is where the huge paintings of Shrinath ji were painted in the past, smaller paintings are being created as well.

The new generation is actively participating in these artworks and their enthusiasm is getting noticed in creating these paintings.

The gorgeous style and high details in the painting Pichhwai created by Diorama Designs is a perfect illustration. This is an art that is high-quality. It is an open painting that resembles a fresco or mural. This painting is open and a small, solitary scene is painted on it which gives it a 3D appearance. Pichwai paintings by Diorama Designs feature an elegant and stunning style. There are tiny scenes painted within them that look three 3-dimensional.

Pichhwai paintings

Pichhwai paintings by Diorama Designs

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