Saura Art collection

The KARAWATI Saura Art collection is a collection of exquisite hand-painted sarees. These garments are beautiful and practical, as they can be worn as a Topkapi Saarian or full dress. The colors and patterns vary from one era to the next, but they all share a common theme: intricate design. The Luxury Saura Art Hand-Painted Saree collection is a luxurious and exquisite piece of art. This piece is made up of colorful silk fabrics with intricate hand-painted designs. The sarees are perfect for any occasion and are must-have for any luxury lover. The paintings are based on personal experiences that the artists have had in their lives. This has helped to create a unique bond between the artists and their work.

The Saura painting style is a unique and beautiful mural associated with the Saura tribals of Odisha in India. The style is known for its innovative and colorful designs that are often inspired by Hindu mythology and religious scriptures. The Saura paintings are often used as art objects or display pieces in local communities across the country.

The influence of markets and increasing awareness about the other’s forms have led to both Saura and Warli paintings.

Warli: The Warli painting is a traditional Indian painting that is typically done on a black background. It depicts scenes from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Saura: The Saura art was born in the 18th century in Orissa, India. The word ‘Saura’ means ‘blue’ in Sanskrit, which is where the name comes from.

Both these art forms are painted with natural pigments and are hand-painted by artists on canvas or paper using brushes made of animal hair.

In a world of constantly evolving fashion trends, the art of “Saura” is one that has not been forgotten. Hand-painted sarees are one of the most popular styles in this genre and are often worn to weddings and other formal events. Diorama Designs” makes a beautiful and unique product that is sure to please.

Art lovers alike often refer to Indian art as one of the most popular styles in the world. Whether it’s for its intricate designs or for its creative flair, Indian art is enjoyed by all. However, not everyone understands the subtleties of this style, which has been popularized in recent times as an avenue for skill and job creation.


Saura Hand-Painted Art collection

Saura Hand-Painted Art collection

Saura Hand-Painted Saree

Saura Hand-Painted Saree by Diorama Designs

Saura Art collection by Diorama Designs

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