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Indian Hand Embroidery?

The craftmanship and beauty of Indian embroidery is breathtaking.

These embroideries are so intricate and mesmerizing that one gets soaked up in its charming beauty. No doubt such work takes lot of patience and perseverance to be made.

The size and thickness of Kantha varied according to its type. The layers of pieces are sewn together by simple darning stitch in white thread, drawn from the old sari borders.

"Kantha" is a form of embroidery often practised by rural women. The traditional form of Kantha embroidery was done with soft dhotis and saris, with a simple running stitch along the edges

Each region of India nourishes various forms of these intricate embroideries

The design is first traced and the filling is done by coloured threads, taken from the coloured borders of saris and all.

The designs of kantha are taken from day to day life, depicting folk stories, epics, mythological background, ritualistic motifs,  deer running, dancing , various types of costumes and so on.

The embroidery not only depicts the stitches employed but it also expresses the outflow of their creative, resourceful, imaginary, patient craftsmanship.

Kanthas were produced in Hugli, Patna, Satagon, Jessore, Faridpur, Khulna and other parts of East and West Bengal. The Kantha of each individual is unique by itself.