Lambada embroidery is an art of embellishing clothes practiced by the Lambadas or Lambanis, the tribe in Sanduru, the Banjaras of Bellary and Bijapur in Karnataka, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Lambada embroidery consists of the patchwork, appliqué, beadwork and embroidery together.

The Lambani embroidery is an amalgam of pattern darning, mirror work or cross stitch.

Lambada embroidery uses a combination of stitches and appliqué, along with mirror work and other embellishments.

Tribal women use coins, shells, buttons, cowries and small pieces of mirrors to decorate their colorful costumes, such as phetiya (skirt) and kanchali or (blouse).

Most of the stitches follow a geometric pattern like squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, diagonal and parallel lines.

Sandur Lambani embroidery is an embroidery type practised in the Sandur town of Karnataka.

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